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There are actually tonnes of awesome resources out there created by some very awesome individuals, and the best part is most of them are free!


Let me start with podcasts. Podcasts are definitely one of the most popular platforms for sharing knowledge nowadays. It is really great because podcasts allows us to listen to the latest developments from experts all around the world on a whole host of topics. The thing I find really helpful is that some podcasts allow you to download them so that you can listen to them whenever you want for example when commuting. I have only followed a few so far but I know there are loads of others out there, upwards of 20 I believe, but these are the ones I follow and definitely recommend:

1. Physio Edge podcast

Physio Edge was created by David Pope from Australia a couple of years ago and is considered one of the pioneers. Covering mainly musculoskeletal and sports physio topics, it is a great way to keep up to date with the latest evidence as David interviews experts around the world on a selected topic. Physio Edge is also on the SoundCloud app, I find that more convenient to access the podcasts. Highly recommended!


2. The Physio Matters Podcast (TPMP) –                             Great podcasts presented by Jack Chew and team from the UK. Covers a whole range of topics including pain science, NHS etc.


3. BJSM Podcast (Also on SoundCloud)   –                                    Short 15-20 mins podcasts covering all aspects of sports and exercise medicine by various field experts. *Also available on the SoundCloud App or the BJSM App


4. La Trobe SEMRC Podcast (Also on SoundCloud)  –
4. BJSM Blog   –                                                                                                            A mix of sports and exercise medicine blogs *Also available on the BJSM App


5. BJSM Youtube channel   –


6. TREK Group Youtube channel  Translating Research Evidence & Knowledge (TREK) group was founded by Dr Christian Barton and Dr Michael Rathleff


7. La Trobe SEMRC Blog   –                                            La Trobe University Sports and Exercise Medicine Research Centre blog features an abundance of great information


8. Aspetar Journal   –                                         Excellent free online journal by Aspetar is a great resource to the SEM community




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