Effectiveness of conservative interventions including exercise, manual therapy and medical management in adults with shoulder impingement: a systematic review and meta-analysis of RCTs

A new systematic review on BJSM with the above title. This article is freely accessible. https://www.readbyqxmd.com/read/28630217/effectiveness-of-conservative-interventions-including-exercise-manual-therapy-and-medical-management-in-adults-with-shoulder-impingement-a-systematic-review-and-meta-analysis-of-rcts Advertisements

Effectiveness of Radial Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (rESWT) When Combined With Supervised Exercises in Patients With Subacromial Shoulder Pain

A new journal article on AJSM with the title above. Just by reading the abstract: This was a double-masked, sham-controlled RCT. 143 patients were recruited, so quite a good size, but it seemed quite a heterogenous group because the age group was between 25-70 years old and the population also included those with calcification of…