Higher Drop in Speed during a Repeated Sprint Test in Soccer Players Reporting Former Hamstring Strain Injury

An interesting article investigating rehab deficits of soccer players with previous HSI found a greater drop in speed during a repeated sprint test. This article was published by a group of researchers in Norway in Jan 2017. “Results: Players who reported HSI during the previous two years (16%) had a significantly higher drop in speed…

“How Do I Know When I Am Ready To Play Again?” Return To Sport Testing For Athletes Following ACL Reconstruction Surgery

A great blog entry by Mick Hughes in collaboration with ThePrehabGuys on RTS following ACL reconstruction. I love that the blog post was concise, easy to read and the videos really helped as well. Please do check it out: http://www.theprehabguys.com/how-do-i-know-when-i-am-ready-to-play-again-return-to-sport-testing-for-athletes-following-acl-reconstruction-surgery/