By Topics

Here is a list of resources that I find useful by specific topics:

Neck Pain

Chris Worsfold’s website

There are a tonne of great resources on neck rehab on Chris’ website. As Chris specialised in working with whiplash patients, you can find lots of helpful resources on treating whiplash patients. There are helpful questionnaires and forms that Chris uses, as well as some of his presentation slides from some of his courses. Definitely worth checking out!

Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning Research by Chris Beardsley

Find everything you need know about S&C at this website! Chris Beardsley does an excellent job putting up useful research info on this website, along with infographics. You can search by topic and find a tonne of helpful info on it. I also recommend following Chris on Twitter.


Liverpool Shoulder Clinic website

The Liverpool Shoulder Clinic is headed by Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Peter Brownson along with one of the leading shoulder physios Jo Gibson. What is really helpful on their website is a section with videos on shoulder exercises ranging from mobility exercises to strengthening, facilitation and early post-op etc. So please do check it out if you need any references to shoulder exercises.


The Knee Resource website

Those who are active on Twitter would definitely know about this website. It’s a brand new website started by two physio knee specialists Richard Norris and Daniel Massey from the UK. They had the idea of creating the best online resource for all things knee related both for patients as well as for health professionals and boy did they do a great job. You will find everything you need on knee related conditions etc. Definitely please do check it out!