The initial idea behind this blog was to create an “archive” of sports physio resources to help myself keep up-to-date with the latest evidence in sports and exercise medicine.

As a fairly new physio in the physio world, I quickly realised that there were already countless great blogs, podcasts and resources out there. Rather than trying to create more original content (which at this point of my career would be pretty limited due to my lack of experience), I wanted to create a platform that would help people better access all the wonderful resources that are already out there. I also found this to be a problem when I first started working as a fresh grad, it was difficult to find quality resources just by using google, so I hope this would help fresh grad physios to access top quality resources to help them in their practice.

The problem with most practicing physios isn’t a lack of information, in fact I think most physios would agree that the opposite is true, keeping up with all the latest research is a real struggle for most people. Twitter and FB are great for getting the latest updates, however I find that it is virtually impossible to digest and process all the latest information in real time. And one of the main reasons I created this blog was to consolidate all the relevant information in one place so that I could go back to them in the future.

Another thing that I wanted to do with this blog was to make all the excellent resources known to as many people as possible so that we may all benefit from them. I hope that by creating an “archive” or sorts this blog may help you because it certainly has made my life easier in terms of retrieving information at a later time and searching for them using categories, tags and keywords.

I should point out that I salute those who are contributing to the profession in terms of research, writing blogs and creating all sorts of resources to help physios like myself deliver better patient care. I hope that in the future I would also be able to contribute more in terms of original content to the profession. Till then I will concentrate most of my blog in the effort of knowledge translation and getting all the excellent resources to as many people as possible so that we may all benefit from them.

Just a little bit about myself at the end:

My name is Joseph Chew and I am from Malaysia. I graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland many years ago as a physio. I also did a one year MSc at Glasgow Caley. I am currently working in a private practice in Malaysia. I am interested in sports physio and I hope to be involved in research sometime in the future. Apart from physio, I love to run, learn new languages and go touring on my motorcycle.