The idea behind this blog is really to create a “database” of sports physio resources so as to help physios like myself keep up to date with the latest evidence in sports and exercise medicine.

As a fairly new physio in the physio world, I realise that there are already countless great blogs and resources out there and in contrast to that I would say that any contributions I can make will be somewhat limited due to my lack of experience. From what I am seeing now there certainly┬áisn’t a lack of information and resources out there, in fact quite the opposite is true as I find myself not being to keep up with all the latest evidence most of the time.

As I have mentioned earlier that is one of the main reasons for creating this blog, to consolidate the latest developments in research all in one place for ease going back to them whenever I need them. The likes of Twitter and FB are great for instant notifications to the latest news but the tweets can be hard to retrieve later on from my experience. And we all know that it is impossible to be able to process all the latest information and resources as they come. I hope that by creating an “archive” or sorts may help you because it certainly has made my life easier in terms of retrieving information at a later time.

With all that said, I should point out that those who can contribute in terms of research and sharing of information should continue to do so and I salute all of you who do them. I hope that in the future I would also be able to contribute more in terms of original content to the profession. Till then I will concentrate most of my blog in the effort of knowledge translation and getting all the excellent resources to as many people as possible so that we may all benefit from them.