Finding spinal ‘dysfunction’: frailties of testing, the tester or the test? Is it time to reframe our descriptions?

This is an article written by Dr Neil Langridge in the InTouch magazine, which is a publication by Physio First. Physio First is a trade association for chartered physios in private practice in the UK.

In this article Neil talks about the complex interactions that take place during a physical assessment, including biases of the practitioner, along with expectations and past experiences of the patient and a whole host of factors that we need to take into consideration when applying manual therapy techniques.

It took me a while to finish reading the article because it does cover some complex arguments but it is definitely worth the read. Neil is one of the leading manual therapists in the UK who is also a leading advocate for evidence based practice in the field of manual therapy, which is a slightly tricky topic at the moment. But he shares his experiences and shares how we can apply manual therapy in light of the current evidence. The main thing is to acknowledge the limitations that manual therapy have but also understanding the its effectiveness when used in an evidence based framework.

Please click here to read the article which is in the PDF format.





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