Physio Edge 074 Hip pain and Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) with Dr Joanne Kemp

This is the latest Physio Edge podcast talking about hip pain and FAI with guest speaker Dr Joanne Kemp.

Dr Joanne Kemp is a research fellow at La Trobe SEMRC and her research topics are on FAI and hip OA particularly how conservative management can help with treating this condition.

As you know, FAI and labral tears have received more attention in recent years partly due to the improvement in imaging and also the subsequent increase in surgical procedures that have been done by surgeons over the world. Unfortunately there isn’t much research looking at the effectiveness of conservative management in treating FAI which makes it difficult to determine the best management option for this condition. This is why Dr Joanne Kemp is doing her research in this area and she presented some of her results from her pilot study at the recent APA conference which showed some favorable findings by using conservative management for FAI.

So I highly recommend this podcast so that you will know how to go about in treating someone who is presenting with FAI. Please click here to listen to the podcast.


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