Top Resources of the Week (19 – 25th Nov)

The year end period is a popular time for conferences as you know, there have been at least one conference every week lately. Last week there were at least three, one was the Sportfisio Swiss conference in Bern, Switzerland, Danish sports med conference and the  Sports Surgery Clinic (SSC) sports med conference on hip and groin injury in Dublin, Ireland.

So a quick recap of last week’s top resources:

Journal Article(s):

Arthroscopic subacromial decompression for subacromial shoulder pain (the CSAW trial)

Clearly one of the bigger studies not only for last week but for this year I would say. The Can Shoulder Arthroscopy Work? (CSAW) trial is the first study to compare a shoulder procedure with a placebo intervention. It’s also the largest study to compare a surgical procedure with no treatment. This study follows on from many similar studies done for the knee, and there is no doubt that we will see more to come. Read more about this study by clicking on the link above and get access to read the full paper, which is open access.


Low back pain in adolescents: Professor Stanley Herring talks spondylolysis

A short and informative podcast as usual from BJSM on the topic of spondylolysis, especially in adolescents. Professor Stanley lays out the key points concerning spondylolysis in terms of diagnosis and management. It doesn’t take long to listen to it and I would highly recommend it. Click on the link above for more information and listen to the podcast.

Blog Post(s):

New tech for runners, could it be a leap forward for managing running injury?

An excellent blog entry by Tom Goom where he reviews the current tech available for runners and clinicians to manage and potentially prevent running injuries. This blog is based on a paper published by Rich Willy on the same topic sometime back. An interesting topic indeed and pretty exciting as we look at how wearable tech may impact on running injuries.

Plantar Plate injury, assessment and management – by Nick Knight

This guest blog entry is actually from last week I think, but it is a quality article written by Nick Knight on plantar plate injuries. If you work in a sports med clinic this will be a helpful piece. I highly recommend it. Click on the link for more information and read the article.




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