La Trobe SEM ACL Symposium (17-18 Nov)

Some of you may know that La Trobe SEMRC held an ACL symposium last Friday and Saturday at their campus in Melbourne, Australia. There was an excellent line up of speakers, it was really a shame I was not able to attend.

Christian Barton shared the La Trobe SEMR FB group on twitter and did 3 live videos during some of the presentations. Please find the videos below. The videos however were not great quality, understandably because they were presumably just recorded using a mobile phone, the slides appear to be quite small and some were difficult to read. It maybe due to the format or something, but I found the videos slightly larger when I used my tablet to view them, the format suited it better somehow as they were more zoomed in. You can try that if you have a tablet. The sound was okay for two of the videos, but the one by Rod Whiteley was quite soft and quite difficult to hear properly.

I guess it’s better than nothing. And it was good for Christian Barton and the La Trobe SEMRC to share those videos freely.


The 3 videos posted are indicated below (sorry the resolution is not great):

2017-11-22 00.04.55.png

Video 1:

So the first video is by Rod Whiteley addressing the question of whether we can actually prevent ACL injuries. Rod is an excellent researcher and his presentations are always interesting.

He created a very cool data visualisation from all the available data on ACL prevention programmes using this tool called Power BI by Microsoft. It’s the first time I’ve seen it. It is actually a tool for business analytics but I think it works pretty well in the research data visualisation context too! Click here to check it out!

As usual Rod puts all the research evidence in context and helps make the data meaningful to us as physios and also gives us some tips on how we can translate the evidence into practice.

He also shared another great resource which is a Norwegian website called Skadefri where you can find all the different prevention exercises for different sports or different body parts. It’s a pretty cool resource as well! Do check it out!

Video 2:

The second presentation is by Adam Culvenor as he talks us through the current evidence on ACLR vs conservative rehab. And from the research so far it seems that there isn’t a huge difference in outcomes between the two, which certainly questions the need for all ACL injuries to undergo a reconstructive procedure. But again we need to look at individual needs, whether they are unstable in the activities that they want to return to, in which case they might be legitimate candidates for ACLR. It’s still a fairly new topic so there are many uncertainties that require further research, but it should start to shift how we view ACLR and whether the patient in front of us truly requires it.

Video 3:

The last video actually consists of two presentations on the topic of RTS following ACLR:

i) The first part is by Randall Cooper. Randall runs through all the different components that clinicians need to look at when considering RTS for ACLR patients. He is also working to publish an updated ACLR protocol for RTS and shares all the criteria that would be included in this updated protocol.

ii) The second presentation is by Rod Whiteley showing what they do at Aspetar in terms of RTS for ACL patients. Lots of visuals so that’s great.

So these are the latest in the ACL rehab and once again kudos to Christian Barton and La Trobe SEMRC for uploading these videos for public access. I think Christian also mentioned that they will be sharing some of the slides from the symposium, I will try to notify you guys when they become available. Hope you guys enjoyed the videos as much as I did.


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