Reconceptualising Manual Therapy

This is the 2nd podcast produced by the Musculoskeletal Science and Practice journal, previously known as Manual Therapy. The first podcast titled ‘Does manipulative therapy have a place in contemporary musculoskeletal physiotherapy?’ proved to be very popular, understandably because this topic is a very contentious and controversial one within the physiotherapy profession at this point in time.

In this episode, Dr Niamh Moloney, Dr Toby Hall & Dr Martin Rabey discuss their paper ‘Reconceptualising manual therapy skills in contemporary practice‘ co-authored with Dr Clair Hebron, Dr Thorvaldur Skuli Palsson & Dr Steffan Wittrup Christensen which was published earlier this year.

Again I do find it helpful to listen to both sides of the argument as I did with the first podcast as well. It’s interesting to hear the opinions of experts in the field of manual therapy because I think there are quite a lot of opposing views readily available on social media at the moment. I think it’s more important for a fairly new physio like myself not to be swayed too easily by either camp, but to make a informed decision after looking at the arguments from both sides.

In this podcast the speakers also go through a few case studies or vignettes as they called it, which was covered in their above-mentioned paper.

I hope this podcast will help you navigate through this tricky topic facing the profession right now. Please click here to listen to the podcast.

Duration: 55:03

*Some parts of the podcast felt like the speakers were ‘reading’ rather than speaking spontaneously, which sounded a bit weird, I guess maybe it’s because this is just the second podcast being produced by the Musculoskeletal Science & Practice team. But still a good listen nonetheless! Please do check it out.


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