Sports injury assessment and treatment video 2

This is the second video from clinical edge ahead of their virtual sports conference. If you have not checked out the first video please do, especially the second half of the first video which was a presentation by Jack Hickey on the latest in hamstring rehab.

This second video covers the following topics below:

Video 2 – Groin pain & patellofemoral pain

  • Groin pain in athletes: anatomy and diagnosis with Dr Adam Weir
  • Managing kids with patellofemoral pain with Dr Michael Rathleff

It is an excellent video once again and lots of good stuff in it, both from Dr Adam Weir and Dr Michael Rathleff, who are the leading researchers in their respective fields. I would also highly recommend the virtual sports conference which would be coming up soon. These videos are just a teaser for what is to come, and you know you will be getting quality stuff all the experts that clinical edge has set up this year. Don’t miss out.

Please click here to access this video. Please note that you would have to register your name and email address to access the video. It’s totally worth it. And I hope you will enjoy the video as much as I did.


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