TPMP Session 47 – The Neck with Chris Worsfold

7t01ZcJX.jpgBrand new episode of The Physio Matters Podcast (TPMP) out this week, this time with Chris Worsfold discussing all things NECK. Chris is a physio based in the UK and has a vast amount of experience treating the neck, he also conducts courses in the UK on neck rehab.

With the changing of tides in the physio profession where manual therapy has come under serious scrutiny in recent years, it is always helpful to hear the opinions of experts like Chris who has upwards of 20 or 30 years of experience and has done all the manual therapy techniques etc. And to hear his views on how to keep up with the current evidence whilst recognising too some of the limitations of the research, and of course how his own practice has changed over the years.

I found it really helpful as Chris shares with us the main things that he includes in his assessment and treatments. Covering both traumatic neck conditions such as whiplash and non-traumatic ones, Chris highlights what we should look out for along with some journal articles that he has kindly shared on the TPMP Google Drive, which is super! Again great work by TPMP on this! This is my first time accessing the google drive, but it’s really handy to have all the mentioned articles in the podcast all in one place! It’s super convenient! Please do check it out!

As Chris mentioned as well in the podcast is his website, which is funnily called ‘Pain in the neck- Notes from a neck pain clinic’. He writes some excellent blog posts, and you can also find some really useful resources, including presentation slides from some of his talks and courses. Again another champion for the translation of knowledge in the physio profession! Salute!

Please click here to listen to the podcast. It’s definitely one not to be missed!


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