Tips and tricks to present your data by Prof Roald Bahr

This is a helpful video on Aspetar’s Youtube channel on tips on presentation skills. Prof Roald Bahr is a sports medicine physician and is Head of the Aspetar Sports Injury and Illness Prevention Programme, he is also the chair of the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center at the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences.

“Prof Roald Bahr gives tips and tricks on how to present statistical data. He reminds the audience that their data must tell a story. Through examples, Prof Bahr points out the importance of true representation of one’s data and use of the KISS principle.”

Everyone can benefit from improving on their presentation skills. As a clinican, we might be asked to present on a certain topic during in-service training sessions on a regular basis. It is an essential skill for researchers as you would need to present your data at conferences etc.

Hope you will enjoy and learn from this video as much as I did (duration: 29:02):




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