Top Resources of the Week (29 Oct – 4 Nov)

Last week was relatively quieter than normal on twitter, usually there are close to 200 tweets from those I’m following, but I only saw 50 or so on some of the days this week. Maybe most people are on holidays I guess.

But despite the lower number of tweets, there were quite a few noteworthy resources last week. Let’s start with journal articles first:

i. Whiteley, R. et al (2017) Clinical implications from daily physiotherapy examination of 131 acute hamstring injuries and their association with running speed and rehabilitation progression. BJSM.

Rod Whiteley and team at Aspetar published findings of their study last week and came up with a few key outcome measures that are helpful for clinicians to note the rehab progression of hamstring injury patients. Outer range hamstring strength and MHFAKE ROM were the two most useful measures, as well as length of pain on palpation. Please click on the link above to learn more about this study. This paper is essential for clinicians who treat hamstring injuries. However please note that this article is not open-access.

ii. Holden, S. et al (2017) How can we implement exercise therapy for patellofemoral pain if we don’t know what was prescribed? A systematic review. BJSM.

This is another noteworthy journal article out last week. This is a SR published by Sinead Holden and colleagues, including well known PFP researchers Michael Rathleff and Christian Barton. Basically what the SR shows us is that there is a major lack of information on the exercises that are prescribed in most of the PFP studies. Many of the specifics of the exercises prescribed in these studies were not available. This is a problem because at this point in time what we are certain is that exercise therapy is effective for the management of PFP, but what exercise dosage is optimum is still yet to be determined. Please click on the link above to learn more about this SR. Unfortunately again this article is not open-access.

The next resource worth checking out is a free resource created by Clinical Edge:

Sports injury video 1 – Tendinopathy and hamstrings

This is the first in a series of free videos and presentations created by Clinical Edge ahead of their annual virtual sports conference. In this first video, there are two presentations, one on tendinopathy by Dr Ebonie Rio and a second one on hamstring rehab by Jack Hickey. It’s really worth watching, especially the presentation by Jack Hickey. Jack shares the latest in hamstring rehab and some of the results of his PhD study, it’s super interesting stuff. Don’t miss it!

The last resource I must recommend is the BJSM podcast featuring Lorimer Moseley:

Am I safe to move? Professor Lorimer Moseley: New understanding of pain and focusing on the patient

A must listen for the latest in pain science from one of the leading experts in this field, Prof Lorimer Moseley. The short format of the BJSM podcast means that it is a rather brief overview on our new understanding of pain rather than an in depth interview, however it is still a must-listen for all clinicians in my opinion. It’s always worth listening to Lorimer, it trully is. So please click on the link above to learn more about this podcast.

That is all from me for the past week. Hope all of you have a great week this week!


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