Top Resources of the Week (22 – 28 Oct)

This entry is long overdue. But last week saw the ASICS Sport Medicine Australia (SMA) conference and the South African Sport Medicine Association (SASMA) conference being held over the same time. It was a little confusing at first with the slightly similar acronyms being hashtag-ed on twitter, #ASICSMA and #SASMA. I felt there was quite a bit of overlap in terms of speakers for the SMA conference and the APA conference held the week before. Jeremy Lewis was one of the keynote for both conferences.

In terms of new papers, there wasn’t much this week as far as I was concerned. There was this new editorial on pain and fatigue by Peter and Kieran O’Sullivan teaming up with Tim Gabbett on this interesting piece. Unfortunately the article is not open-access, but please click on the link below to read more:

O’Sullivan, K. et al (2017) Pain and fatigue in sport: are they so different? BJSM

Another paper worth checking out is Matt King’s work, which is a systematic review which is currently under peer review. Matt shared the powerpoint slides that he presented during the APA conference, which is very kind of him. Please click here to learn more about this presentation.

Joanne Kemp also generously shared her presentation slides during the APA conference this week. Joanne is leading research work into FAI and she shares insights from her pilot study which focuses on looking at conservative management of FAI. This will lead to bigger study down the line but we can learn from the pilot study results as well. Please click here to find out more on Joanne’s presentation.

For Blogs, there was a helpful post by Glen Whittaker on the BodyinMind blog discussing plantar heel pain. Glen is a podiatrist, but is also an associate professor and a PhD candidate at La Trobe University. In this blog he talks about a SR he did recently on the benefits of foot orthoses for plantar heel pain. Please click here to read more on this.

I think that was it for last week. I hope you found that helpful, and stay tuned each week to find out the top resources out there. Have a good week guys 🙂


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