Incidence of ACL injury in each sports

This is the presentation by Takeshi Muneta at the IOC World Conference on Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sport on the incidence of ACL injuries in all the different sports with available data. The conference was held earlier this year in March in Monaco.

This is the first presentation during the “ACL session”.

ACL schedule 1.jpg

Takeshi’s presentation is a bit monotonous as admitted by himself at the beginning of the talk! But it is a good overview of the incidence of ACL injuries in all the different sports across the board and data from different countries.

I guess these should be familiar to most physios, but the take home points are:

  1. The ACL incidence rates in females are higher than men. (From US data, it’s almost 3x more for females than men in basketball and soccer)
  2. Non-contact ACL injuries are also higher in females than males
  3. Majority of injuries happen during competition, as compared to practice
  4. Incidence is greatest in professional athletes, then collegiate, then high school

Duration: 10 mins 06 s

Please click here to watch the presentation.

You can also head over to the IOC World Conference website to access all the presentations online, which is a great service by the IOC.


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