Top Resources of the Week (15 – 21 Oct)

This week the APA conference, Momentum 2017 was held in Sydney. There were loads of good stuff that were shared during the conference and posted on twitter. Those who attended must have learned so much.

In terms of major papers there weren’t any this week that came to my attention. There were however a few excellent resources as always this week:

Physio Edge 069 Adductor related groin pain, stress fractures and nerve entrapment assessment & diagnosis with Dr Adam Weir

A great podcast as usual brought to us by David Pope at Physio Edge. This episode deals with groin pain and its different causes. Dr Adam Weir is a sports physician who is an expert in the area of groin pain and the first author of the Doha agreement meeting on terminology and definitions of groin pain in athletes.

ACL Rehab: Compliance, Time & Quality = Improved Outcomes.

This is an excellent blog post by Mick Hughes. Mick shares the findings of a recent study which showed better outcomes for ACLR patients who underwent physio rehab for at least 6 months post-op. However the study reported that only 55% of patients actually did that. And a smaller percentage of those patients conducted supervised jumping, landing and agility training. Better outcomes measures achieved by ACLR patients also have a protective effect against future ACL injury.  This blog post is definitely worth checking out.

Caring Deeply and Dropping your Ego with Dr Peter O’Sullivan

There have been quite a few podcasts/interviews with Dr Peter O’Sullivan lately. However they do not cease to inspire me and it’s always great to hear him speak and share his expertise in the area of chronic pain. So I definitely recommend it.

So a relatively quiet week this week, but of course there are always tonnes of great resources from previous weeks and months. So please check out my blog for excellent resources that are available out there. Have a great week guys.



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