Biomechanical Impairments in FAI syndrome: a SR & MA

This is the title of a presentation by Matt King from La Trobe SEMRC who presented at the APA conference last week. He is very generous to share his PowerPoint slides on the La Trobe SEMRC blog. This is his presentation of his systematic review (SR) which is currently under peer review.

Number of studies included in SR: 13 (9 were of mod quality, 4 of low quality)


  • In walking, there appears to be a decrease in peak IR angle of the hip and a decrease in peak ER torque at the hip.
  • It is believed that these findings may be the result of strategies used by FAIS patients to avoid a painful position – hip IR, which has is often reported to be painful in this patient group.
  • Also in walking, findings show a lower peak hip extension during the stance phase. This is consistent with other hip conditions (early OA, late OA, THR).
  • Again this is thought to be a strategy to reduce anterior hip joint contact forces. But ultimately this may lead to increased fatty infiltrates and poorer hip stability over time.
  • This review shows that there is a lack of research on biomechanical changes in the FAIS patient group. Insufficient evidence were found to draw conclusions on other functional tasks such as STS, stair ascent and drop landing. There was also no literature on sport specific activities.
  • There is also currently no studies evaluating changes in joint health over time. Longitudinal studies are needed to improve our understanding of the disease progression.

Please click here for the PDF of the slides.


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