High-speed running load and related hamstring injury risk

This is the 4th presentation during the “hamstring session” at the IOC conference on prevention of injury and illness in sport earlier this year in March 2017 in Monaco.

Dr Tony Shield shares some research findings of high-speed running load and the related hamstring injury risk in AFL teams. The studies show that there seem to be some associated increase in hamstring injury risk with an increase in the distance of high-speed running in each of the 4 weeks relative to their average high-speed running volume over 2 years.

However as with all the other risk factors in HSI, these findings do not offer us any predictive value in identifying who will go on to suffer a HSI. But what these findings do suggest is perhaps some value in periodisation in training so that hopefully this will lower HSI occurence. The other is to be aware of changes in high-speed running volume from week to week, and as Tony pointed to in his presentation, especially after a period of not running due to any injury that might keep an athlete off their feet.

Please click here to view the presentation. Duration: 12 mins 43 s


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