Kristian Thorborg: Implementation issues in hamstring injury prevention – challenges and opportunities

This is one of the presentations at the IOC World Conference on Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sport earlier this year in March 2017 in Monaco. Again please find that all the presentations are actually available online, really kudos to the IOC for making them freely accessible.

This presentation is by Kristian Thorborg with the above-mentioned title. This was during the hamstring injury prevention session. It’s just a short presentation, duration is 11 mins.


In his talk, Kristian goes through the challenges in the implementation of the nordic hamstring exercise. A survey that was carried out in the champions league and the norwegian premier league showed that 83% of teams were non-compliant to the nordic hamstring exercise prevention programme. So this is a major problem, and he also goes through some of the barriers that were identified in the survey.

I highly recommend listening to all the presentations in this hamstring injury prevention session. They are all short presentations and provide a really great backdrop to the present hamstring injury prevention situation.

Please click here to access the webcast for this presentation.


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