Back to the Future – Summing up 20 years of Scandinavian hamstring injury prevention research

This is one of the presentations by Prof Roald Bahr with the above title during the IOC World Conference on Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sport earlier this year in March 2017 in Monaco. This is the first presentation during the hamstring injury prevention session.

Roald Bahr presentation IOC.jpg

In his talk Prof Roald Bahr lays out the history of hamstring injury prevention in the past 20 years, which started with the implementation of the nordic hamstring exercise in one of the football teams in Iceland. That was back in 1994. There is a paper in 2000 on this which is mentioned in this presentation. Of course we know the nordic hamstring exercise was widely popularised after the publication of the Petersen et al study in 2011 and the van der Horst et al study in 2015.

So it is really helpful to be able to see how hamstring injury prevention have progressed over the years and where we stand now.

Presentation duration: 11 mins (*the only downside to the webcast is the inability of the videos in the slides to be played smoothly)

Please click here to watch the webcast for this presentation.


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