ACL Rehab: Compliance, Time & Quality = Improved Outcomes.

This is a great blog post by Mick Hughes, who is a sports physio based in Melbourne, Australia. Those in the social media sphere would not be unfamiliar with his name. He is active on Twitter and has created a great blog with excellent resources. Mick also conducts talks on ACL management in Australia. His passion is on ACL prevention and effective ACL rehab. I would highly recommend following him on Twitter.

In this blog post Mick talks about the improved outcomes for ACLR patients who continue their physio rehab for at least 6 months post-op. However there are many barriers to patients not undergoing longer rehab periods, financial and time commitments etc. I saw on twitter recently that Mick is going to start a group class to facilitate longer rehab periods for ACLR patients at his clinic. Group classes would reduce some of the financial burden for these patients, which I think is a brilliant idea.

Mick goes on to talk about how better outcome measures achieved by patients through their rehab would lead to lower ACL reinjuries. He also cites a few key papers published recently that support this claim. Please click here to read this excellent blog post!


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