Top Resources of the Week (8 – 14th Oct)

Again this week there weren’t many major NEW papers out. The main ones were one study on gait retraining and injury risk by Chan et al (2017) which is still in press. The other is the BJSM editorial on scapular dyskinesis.

1. Chan et al (2017) Gait retraining lowers injury risk in novice distance runners: a randomized controlled trial. AJSM. Article in Press.

In conclusion the study does show that gait retraining can have small effects in lowering injury risk in novice distance runners. Caution should be taken when interpreting the results of the study due to the study limitations involved. Please click here to check out my blog post on this article and the link to the PDF version of the paper.

2. Littlewood, C. & Cools, A. (2017) Scapular dyskinesis increases the risk of future shoulder pain by 43% in asymptomatic athletes: a systematic review and meta-analysis. BJSM. (Editorial)

An interesting editorial on the topic of scapular dyskinesis following a SR by Hickey et al. This editorial urges us to take caution as well when interpreting the results of the SR. There appears to be a slight increase in risk of developing shoulder pain in those with scapular dyskinesis, however there is a lot of overlap and we must not forget that there is also a percentage of patients in the non scapular dyskinesis group who went on to develop shoulder pain as well. Please click here to read my blog post on this editorial and link to the editorial. Note however that the article is not open-access.

Other resources worth checking out this week are:

Live Interview with Karen Litzy and Peter O’Sullivan

This interview in collaboration with Trust me I’m a “Physiotherapist” is available on their YouTube channel. This is a great interview because Karen shares her own story with debilitating neck pain which she suffered for 8-9 years some time back. It is really worth watching. Please click here for my blog post and the link to the video.

Retraining Running Gait (Podcast w Dr Rich Willy)

This is an excellent podcast to check out created by Mountain Land PT and rehab in the USA. This is a practical and casual podcast that isn’t too long (44 mins), and Rich Willy shares some useful tips about gait retraining. Please click here for the blog post and the link to the podcast.

Last one is a blog post by Dr Peter Malliaras:

Evidence based medicine: is it working in tendinopathy

As always Peter Malliaras shares words of wisdom on the topic of tendinopathy which is his area of expertise. In this blog he talks about the approaches that we can take when reviewing the available evidence on tendinopathy and indeed all different areas of interest. Please click here for my blog post on this post and get the link to Peter’s blog.

That’s all for this week I think. Have a great week guys 🙂



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