How to lose or gain weight safely, elite sports nutrition with David Dunne

This is a brand new BJSM podcast on the issue of weight management in elite sports especially for sports such as boxing and MMA where athletes need to meet their weight classes for certain fights. It’s interesting to just get some idea of the principles involved when dealing with athletes like these eventhough this is outside the scope for a physio.

“This episode takes place from Surrey Sports Park, the training base of Harlequins Rugby Union. During the podcast, performance nutritionist David Dunne delves into the following topics with Dr Sean Carmody:

-Managing weight loss safely in weight dependent sports (eg boxing, MMA)
-Developing muscle mass appropriately in rugby union players
-Nutritional considerations in the professional golfer

In addition to his work with Harlequins, David has worked in several sports including Queens Park Rangers FC (football), Team Wiggins (cycling), GB Canoeing and professional boxing. David also holds a position with data analytics and sport science company, Orreco.”


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