Evidence based medicine: is it working in tendinopathy?

This is a brand new blog post by Dr Peter Malliaras on his Tendinopathy Rehab blog. It is an excellent post as always. I like that he shares with us what kind of mindset is helpful when it comes to interpreting the research findings, which I think is really a crucial skill set to have as a clinician. The ability to accurately interpret the evidence is absolutely essential and a prerequisite for effective EBM.

He mentions the example of the use of isometrics in tendinopathy, where the findings so far have not been straightforward, with different findings for different tendons and also many factors that might cause this for example differences in exercise parameters. Please do check out his previous post on that topic, he has a link in this article.

As a fairly new physio, I really appreciate expert clinicians sharing their knowledge and expertise, especially in the area of how to accurately interpret research findings, which is definitely a skill and one that has to be learned. I think undergraduate training in this area is definitely inadequate.

Anyways click here to read this short but informative blog post by Peter Malliaras. He was also on a recent Physioedge podcast with David Pope talking about lower limb tendinopathies, please click here to check it out.



One thought on “Evidence based medicine: is it working in tendinopathy?

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