Top Resources of the week (1st – 7th Oct)

There were not too many major papers out this past week. The main one was on myofascial release. However there were quite a few great resources out in terms of podcasts and also some speakers were very generous to share their PPT slides from the OpLoad2017 conference.

This weekend has been a pretty twitter ‘active’ one because of the OpLoad2017 conference in Belfast. Thanks to those who twitted, people like myself who were not able to attend get to learn as well and get a glimpse of the good stuff shared at the conference. All thanks to the power of technology!

Ok so the main paper for the week is:

Laimi, K. et al (2017) Effectiveness of myofascial release in treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain: a systematic review. Clinical Rehabilitation. 

This is a SR on the effectiveness of myofascial release in the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain which included a few different types: LBP, heel pain, lateral epicondylitis and fibromyalgia. In conclusion the study proposes that the current evidence does not warrant MFR in the treatment of chronic MSK pain. Please click here to view my blog post on this article and also the link to the article (not open access).

Two podcasts worth listening to this week:

  1. Physio Edge podcast session 68. This episode is about lower limb tendinopathies with Dr Peter Malliaras. Please click here for my post on this podcast and also find the link to the podcast. Or you could go straight to SoundCloud and listen from there.
  2. Musculoskeletal Science and Practice came out with it’s first podcast this week. The title is “Does manipulative therapy have a place in contemporary musculoskeletal physiotherapy?” The guest speaker is Prof Gwen Jull. Please click here for my post on this podcast and also find the link to the podcast.

Two presentation slides were made available by their respective presenters at the OpLoad2017 conference:

  1. “Loading the young athlete’s hip” by Igor Tak. Please click here to access the slides.
  2. “Using blood flow restriction to optimise loading” by Stephen Patterson. Click here for the slides.

Of course there were also loads of recent studies being mentioned over the weekend during OpLoad2017 that are worth revisiting, so please do browse through my blog to check them out.




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