How much is too much? (Part 1) International Olympic Committee consensus statement on load in sport and risk of injury

As the second world congress of sports physical therapy titled “Optimal Loading in Sport” kicked off this weekend in Belfast, this consensus statement from last year Aug 2016 was mentioned on twitter. Indeed this open-access paper is a must read on the topic of load in sport and risk of injury.

Published online: 17 Aug 2016

Open-access: YES


“Athletes participating in elite sports are exposed to high training loads and increasingly saturated competition calendars. Emerging evidence indicates that poor load management is a major risk factor for injury. The International Olympic Committee convened an expert group to review the scientific evidence for the relationship of load (defined broadly to include rapid changes in training and competition load, competition calendar congestion, psychological load and travel) and health outcomes in sport. We summarise the results linking load to risk of injury in athletes, and provide athletes, coaches and support staff with practical guidelines to manage load in sport. This consensus statement includes guidelines for (1) prescription of training and competition load, as well as for (2) monitoring of training, competition and psychological load, athlete well-being and injury. In the process, we identified research priorities.”

Please click here to access the full article.



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