Quite a Stretch: Stretching science shows that a stretching habit isn’t doing much of what people hope

This is an updated blog post by Paul Ingraham on the topic of stretching on his painscience website. Paul is a science writer and has written many articles on a whole host of highly debated topics and aims to bust many long-held beliefs and myths by reviewing the current evidence.

Stretching is a popular topic and something that most people do on a regular basis. It is something that has been so ingrained in our minds from young that we should always stretch before and after exercise, however the science behind what stretching does for us have been less convincing. Many widely held beliefs about the benefits of stretching have been found wanting in the face of scientific evidence.

In this updated article, Paul goes through this topic of stretching very comprehensively and provides citations to back them up, which is super helpful so that you can go and look them up for more details. It is a great read albeit quite a lengthy one. But it’s definitely worth checking out. Please click here to read the full article.


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