Strengthening the Practice of Exercise and Sport Science

Thanks to Israel Halperin @Israel_Halperin, the 1st author of this review paper who shared this full-text article on twitter. This article (titled above) is in press.

This article highlights a number of methodological problems concerning common research designs and practices that hinder the impact of research in the exercise and sports science realm. I believe the same can be applied to sports medicine and physiotherapy research as well. Again being aware of these issues will help clinicians in my opinion apply evidence-based medicine in a more effective manner.
Exercise and sport sciences continue to grow as a collective set of disciplines by investigating a broad array of basic and applied research questions. Despite the progress, there is room for improvement. A number of problems pertaining to reliability and validity of research practices hinder advancement and the potential impact of the field. These problems include:
1) inadequate validation of surrogate outcomes,
2) too few longitudinal and
3) replication studies,
4) limited reporting of null or trivial results, and
5) insufficient scientific transparency.
The purpose of this review is to discuss these problems as they pertain to exercise and sport sciences based on their treatment in other disciplines, namely psychology and medicine, and propose a number of solutions and recommendations.”

Strengthening the Practice of Exercise and Sport Science (PDF Download Available). Available from:


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