Pearls on Knee Examination

Prof Mark Hutchinson shares pearls of wisdom on knee examination from his expertise and experience in this BJSM podcast 4 years ago (2013).

“Dr Mark Hutchinson, professor of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine at the University of Illinois Medical Centre, and star of the 3 million times viewed BJSM physical examination videos [] gives Karim Khan an update on examination and management of acute knee injuries.

He shares his experience in interpreting physical signs, imaging indications, and the advantages of early sideline diagnosis. He also answers 4 key questions: (i) knee haemarthrosis – to drain or not to drain?, (ii) mensical tear – arthroscopy or wait?, (iii) is surgery always indicated after ACL tear, and (iv) first time patellar dislocation – conservative or surgical management?”


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