Tim Gabbett: Heavy training versus injury risk: Can physiotherapy and conditioning work together?

This is an excellent BJSM podcast 2 years ago and has more than 11k listens. In this podcast Tim Gabbett talks about how the medical team can better work together with the S&C team.

“High performance demands heavy workloads but loading increases the risk of ‘overuse’ injury. How can clinicians and strength & conditioning (S&C) coaches find the happy medium? Or is it time to take a different view? Perhaps INCREASING training load will make tissues more resilient and injury LESS likely.”

“Dr Tim Gabbett (www.gabbettperformance.com) bridges sports medicine and S&C as a performance consultant and a recognized applied researcher. In the BJSM spotlight he shares what physiotherapists can learn from S&C coaches and argues for the concept of the ‘performance physiotherapist’. Similarly, he translates S&C secrets for physios – insights to progressing sport specific game demands within the rehabilitation program using a rugby example. We ask him about the high-tech and low-tech equipment to gauge how much players are doing and how to titrate their training dose.”


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